Whos mia dating

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When Christian's helicopter goes missing, she and her entire family wait with Kate, Ethan, José, Ana, Taylor, and Ms. Jack Hyde and his accomplice Elizabeth Morgan kidnap Mia and hold her ransom for million dollars.

Elizabeth was able to abduct her as she was leaving the gym by drugging her with Rohypnol (roofies).

While she seemed to have no trouble carrying her little one by herself, boyfriend Dan Halen did help out by carrying her camouflage print purse for her.

It seems everyone is quite excited for little Axton's arrival, as grandfather Steven was seen loaded down with adorable flowers and balloons to celebrate the birth on Wednesday.

And Mia Tyler was already out and about with new son Axton on Friday, when the two were seen making a beeline for their house in New York City.

Along with a post explaining how much blood the human heart pumps in a lifetime, she expressed her new motherly thoughts in the caption.'I love him to the moon and back times infinity,' she gushed, 'my son is my whole world now.Mia is interested in Ethan Kavanagh, but he was uncomfortable with the idea because their siblings were dating (Elliot and Kate).After Mia's kidnapping and rescue, Anastasia notices that Ethan and Mia are holding hands, suggesting that he had gotten over what bothered him before.He begrudgingly agrees, thinking she is Christian's "brat" little sister.He is stunned when he actually meets her and can't believe how good-looking she is.

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Her parents are of Sri Lankan Tamil descent, and when she was six months old, her family moved back to Sri Lanka. She moved into the musical realm after filming a documentary of the band Elastica's 2001 tour (having previously done some album artwork for the band). a Roland MC-505 sequencer/drum machine, and she used it to record a demo tape. "Sunshowers" (2004) was the next release, although it failed to chart in the United States.