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I knew that my role appeared in four of those episodes but I didn’t necessarily have a lot to do.So I went to work with an agenda, I said: I’m going to go and do the best work I can and I’m just going to defy them not to keep me around.Not that the new people he met couldn’t be trusted but he absolutely knew his childhood friends were going to stick by him no matter what. Do you have any childhood friends who are still sticking around? I’d say what I learned from those years was that people in the entertainment business take themselves very, very seriously.

The two fueled dating rumors after the two were seen in photos vacationing in Bantayan island, while accompanied by a few non-showbiz friends.If Jeremy is wearing a windowpane suit in episode two then I want to Lloyd to wear a windowpane suit in episode four.”I wanted to play this game where Lloyd is watching what Ari is wearing and then an episode or two later you would see Lloyd’s version of that same outfit.And I knew that would create work for Amy but she said in a very loose way that this is a great idea and we were going to do it This season there are definitely episodes where I, Rex and Lloyd, do not have to care so much what Ari thinks about what Lloyd is wearing. He has sort of unofficial colors that are “Ari colors” that I am not allowed to wear.Last season, I didn’t really know where the character was going to go in season six.But way back in season five, I had a discussion with her about how I wanted to subtly communicate to the audience, even if it wasn’t on the page, that Lloyd was really there, consciously, working for Ari.

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The only one I can think of is I was once working for a casting director and this directing team came in to see the actors that received callbacks. ’ Then I went and told my boss that they wanted me to plate their lunch and he said, ‘Yeah you don’t have to do that. Ill either make them do it, or I’ll do it, but you don’t have to do it.’What is the real life Jeremy Piven-Rex Lee relationship like? I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for Jeremy Piven. The Ari-Lloyd dynamic is one of the funniest aspects of Entourage—how will this change if you do become an agent? For many years people would sort of link my experience working on the show with the experience of the character. If it turns out this is the high point of my career and no one has an imagination and no one is willing to cast me in a role different than Lloyd that won’t be the end of the world.

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