Who is khalil kain dating Grachi sex

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…there’s only one reason a good looking, decent actor like him would get left behind after “juice” while so many others suceeded, do the math. and i’m not one to call out ppl but he deserves no civility from me.

The rapper has recently become very popular with his hit "Hi Hater" and KHALIL starred alongside Mya as her husband Darnell on the tv show Girlfriends.

Some of his credits include Suddenly Susan, Friends, Blue Bloods, Baadasssss!

According to loyal reader Roger Moore from the UK, he follows both Khalil and an actor named Merwin Mondesir (pictured above left) on Facebook.He worked in several movies such as; Suddenly Susan, Friends, Blue Bloods, Baadasssss! Kain has been an avid student of martial arts since 1996 and holds a black belt in hapkido.If you used to watch the UPN/CW TV series Girlfriends than you must know him as he replaced the Flex Alexander from the second season and made up to its eighth season.Roger told me in an email that Merwin put Khalil on full blast on Facebook.Let’s get this part out of the way first: yes, Merwin is out and proud. There’s more to acting than just being able to deliver lines naturally as you would in real life. If he played a UN diplomat he would still speak ghetto!

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Born November 22, 196 in New York's lower East side by the name of Khaliloeron Kain.

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