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"We filmed for about 15 days including the preparation stages, and it wasn't easy because it was a 24-hour observation shoot, without the staff's intervention," revealed the producer.

"Lee Hyori and IU found that a bit challenging, but they had fun filming along with the non-celebrity guests." The production team also saw Lee Hyori and IU get close with each other.

As the oldest member, she would become the leader of the group. After media attention increased, Lee and her record company quickly stopped all promotion for the single, taking a short break to prepare for "Shall We Dance", her followup single.

She promoted the song "Bad Girls" as the title track.

L, she is one of the most successful Korean acts of all time. L broke up, she debuted as a soloist with her first album "Stylish E." 3 years later, she returned with her second solo album "Dark Angel" promoting the tracks "Get Ya," "Shall We Dance?

," and "Straight Up." In 2008, she released her 3rd album "It's Hyorish." The title track, 'U Go Girl" was a huge hit in South Korea establishing Hyori as the "sexy queen of k-pop." After a 2 year hiatus, she released her 4th album "H-Logic" in 2010.

Her first album was very successful, winning many "Daesangs" (a Korean award equivalent to "Artist of the Year") for that album. The first single, "Get Ya", featured heavy choreography and sexually suggestive attire, which has become Lee's trademark.

She has since become the highest-paid female singer in South Korea. L.= Lee started her career as part of the Korean pop . However, there was controversy over the single as the songwriters of ] (Lee did not contribute to the song.) While this incident was not the first time the Korean pop industry has been accused of plagiarism, it was the first time the copyright holder had made a formal complaint.

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