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of Shoeburyness—a woodworking factory that produced furniture and “fancy goods.” The result was a series of primitive Vox electric guitars with model names such as the Ace, Duotone, Shadow, and Stroller.

These crude, basic instruments were built for beginners and amateur musicians, and were intended to compete with inexpensive electrics made by rival British distributors like Rosetti, Dallas, Selmer, and Watkins.

By early 1961, Jennings hired a team of guitar builders including Bob Pearson, Ken Wilson, and Mick Bennett to make Vox guitars at the Jennings factory in Dartford, Kent.

Not content with making low cost guitars that looked like American imports, company boss Tom Jennings decided that a more original design of higher quality was needed and in late 1961 one of Vox's most famous guitars appeared.

In early 1964 Vox produced the Phantom Mk III guitar.

Completely different in shape to the early Phantom guitars, this rounder, lute shaped instrument went on to become Vox’s most famous guitar shape. An early two pick up six string example was used and made famous by Rolling Stones founder member Brian Jones.

Talks with Eko (another Italian company) took place at the same time and Vox production at the Eko site in Recanati began in 1965.

At that time the Phantom and Mk series (teardrop) designs were well developed and still being produced in England (Brian Jones guitar was made at the Dartford factory).

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This was the first in a series of serious steps made by Jennings to produce high-quality electric guitars.