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Too complicated and code does not say what is really wanted.So the solution is not to have onsubmit on the form tag.Both this product and the post-purchase support have been excellent, with the support being professional and very quick. Voky has been in touch with me for a while now & although I was interested in purchasing his old forms, he advised me me to wait until this one was completed as I was wanting the validation. Even with just my small skills in PHP I could run my form in minutes.I cannot convey enough, how happy I am with both the products I have purchased from Voky and the support I have received. Rather than trying to get paid for two different products, he was courteous & let me know that he was getting ready to publish the newer item. And I got the best support I ever had – fast, clear and Voky returning a demo which answered all my questions.

The javascript error console will usually give a pointer in this case.

I wanted to add a few fields to my form and ensure that it will be emailed to my email box correctly. Looking forward to using more of the forms as and when I need too for my website development & website design clients. Buy this, take a wee bit time to learn how to use it and if you are a Rapidweaver, like me, you simply won’t believe the world of forms that opens up in front of you – totally customisable using a creation syntax that could hardly be any simpler!!

He responded very quickly to my request for help and we’ve figured it out. Great work by the developer; thanks for producing this!!! The amount of time this is going to save me is incalculable.

Wire up your event handlers using j Query, and use the prevent Default() method on j Query's event object to cancel the default behavior up-front: @Matthew Lock: Hardly - an error in the script just shuts down that code block, and the action proceeds as usual.

Try invoking the j Query event methods e.prevent Default() and/or Propgation() as the first lines of the method. to learn more Sometime ago I needed something very similar... So what I put here is how I do the tricks to have a form able to be submitted by Java Script without any validating and execute validation only when the user presses a button (typically a send button).

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I am just doing something on a button get pressed, so why not just let that to be implemented? On any Java Script that I need to send the form I just put: This is for j Query, an equivalent in Javascript is: myform.onsubmit = function() ...

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