Updating software unlocked phone

Posted by / 27-May-2020 12:20

Updating software unlocked phone

Most people with a jailbroken i Phone will end up with a "factory-fresh" i Phone after the 1.1.1 firmware update.Your mileage may vary, and isolated incidents of bricking have occurred, but most people are just going to have a 3rd party-free, AT&T-only i Phone in their pocket when the day is through, and bricking seems to be just as common for a virgin i Phones as for jailbroken ones.

All I had to do was reinstall 2 widgets and arrange app icons. Maybe there's just some weird interference because your SIM is Public Mobile, but your phone is KDO.

The only reason why my phone factory reset though, was because I changed the CSC from MTA to XAC. Go into your dialler and input *#272*your IMEI# but don't install a new code.

If you don't change/need to change your CSC code, your phone won't reset. If it is KDO still, maybe just pull your SIM card, hook your phone up to your computer, and try the Samsung Smart Switch app.

(Scroll down midway on the download page to see the instructions). I know that Rogers tends to add their own bloatware at times.

The firmware includes the latest security patch dated 2016-07-01 . Since my phone isn't a Koodo branded phone, I'd like to avoid any unnecessary extras if possible. I checked my CSC code, dialling *#272*your IMEI# and it came up as MTA. It seems when I put my Koodo SIM in, it didn't change my CSC to Koodo.

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