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Posted by / 04-Feb-2020 16:53

Curve 8530 users get another official update, this time courtesy of Sprint. The builds just keep getting bigger on these OS 5 releases and it seems like there is an endless supply...

Black Berry Curve 8530 users get a treat today with this latest OS.

The 9 device can be paired with a unlimited plan that includes email, voice, text and web...

The latest official OS comes from Verizon for the Black Berry Curve 8530.

BGR was lucky enough back in March to get a listing of up coming devices for Cricket and as we let you know, the Black Berry Curve 8530 was set to launch in August...

Metro PCS announced today that they are now offering the Black Berry Curve 8530 to customers.

For an entry level smartphone, the Black Berry Curve 8530 packs a lot of punch!

OS was made available yesterday and is ready to roll.

Hopefully some new fixes to tweak up the remaining bugs and get things running smooth. OS has leaked and, while we're not exactly sure what has changed, it could be worth the time it takes to upgrade.

RIM has been pretty successful in many respects with both its Black Berry Curve and Black Berry Pearl offerings.

Both models have the business sense and email ability that marks the Black Berry brand, and offer a bit more style and substance to the table than past devices.

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As usual, use caution when installing even though this is an official OS... Especially, if you've been having issues with any previous OS...

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