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South Carolina teacher whose nude photos were spread by the student who stole her phone has killed a lawsuit against her former school board.Leigh Anne Arthur had taken a number of saucy snaps for her husband on Valentine’s Day.The board claimed she was in the wrong for failing to supervise her students.

The caller, Christopher’s pregnant then girlfriend, told officers Christopher was drunk, angry with her and would not leave her alone or let her sleep.

They were: Since Christopher had been in custody for 84 days, he received pre-custody credit of 126 days leaving him with about 15-and-a-half months to serve.

He was also issued a two-year probation order that includes conditions such as no alcohol consumption, that he take counseling for things such as anger management and domestic violence, specifically the Partner Assault Program (PAR), have no contact with the woman from June 15, and have no contact with his pregnant now ex-girlfriend unless she provides her written, revocable permission.

Police officials have arrested a Northern Ontario teen who allegedly asked young girls to send naked photos of themselves using Snapchat.

The Ontario Provincial Police said officers began an investigation in September, after its Mattawa detachment received complaints about a 19-year-old.

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Roman ended up with a six-month conditional sentence, while Christopher received a 20-month jail term.“I just want to apologize to everybody who was involved in this,” Christopher told the court.

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