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According to a study there are 15,000 children engaged in the sex trade.

The children in the family go to school, but I dont get to go. My parents came to visit me twice, and collected some money from the family, but I dont know how much." -- In the second annual report presented to the Congress for the year 2002, through which the United States was seeking to bring international attention to "the horrific practice of trafficking in persons" the US State Department said, "The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) abduct and hold children against their will for purposes of forced labor, military conscription and in some cases, sexual exploitation.Government abuses prior to the cease-fire included unlawful detention, interrogation, torture, execution, enforced disappearances, and rape.A 1993 study of adolescents in Children are not only being sexually abused here by pedophiles from other countries, but Sri Lanka also serves as a transit point for smuggling children to and from other countries, said a childrens rights advocate..Of these, 54 percent work as domestic workers and are subject to risks of abuse, sexual harassment and forced labor.The story of the six young men started in Jaffna, eastern Sri Lanka, from where they were lured with promises of hotel jobs in Cyprus.

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Parents who resist the recruitment of their children face retribution from the Tamil Tigers, including violence or detention.