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For some gals who consider trans-activism an important part of their identity and future? That takes a lot of time to overcome - GRS doesn’t solve it - and some girls lose it.

There’s also the “butch and femme dynamic” to resolve.However, there are lots of part-time girls around just gaining their confidence in getting-out plus some transsexual women who work as DRAG performers at such clubs. They spent as much time looking for a quality person under the trans guise as anyone else.Some guys - if they visit often enough and become part of the “family” - end up finding an ideal transgender girlfriend during that process. They knew - if you throw money on the table for anyone - the crooks are the first to grab it.The trans-girls with the most successful history with love and dating men have their stuff together.Alas, you simply must bring your A-game because of the level of competition you now entered.

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For many, the waning female attraction is rooted in reduced attraction to a vagina: since they now already have one & “see” it daily.

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