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I'm on the lookout you see since i discovered that Screwfix was a hardware store not a dating site. I reckon they should be concentrating on their school work at that age and focusing on matters like a career;).There will be plenty of time for the ol Jiggy bizness in the future.:cool: The age of consent wasn't set in order to enable teenagers to have "legal sex", but to make it easier to convict for rape.So when a 16 year old had sex with 14 year old the police would simply say the society is not endangered by that and not investigate anything.However even before the code became effective, the parliament returned it back to 15 due to right wing conservative propaganda.Guarantee means that if you don't pick anyone you will get the next speed dating event for free.How does speed dating work The rules of speed dating are quite simple.I was under the impression that it was actually 14 here - I recall a big debate in the parliament about it last year or the year before.

There is one welcome drink (beer, wine or non-alcoholic beverage) and a guarantee included in the price of the speed dating event.It's an issue for me since I was shocked to learn that some clubs in Prague that I like going to actually allow 16 year olds in, which is ridiculous. lang=en) I'm in my late 20s and where I come from I'm assured knowing that girls in the clubs have to be over 21 or at least over 18, but girls at these clubs here could potentially be minors?I'm personally not cool with having sex with any girl under 18 even if it is legal here, so if I'm going to sleep with a girl I've met in a club should I be asking for ID?That's messed up, how could clubs allow 16 year olds in when even the drinking age is 18?( so let me understand this correctly: you have an issue with the age of consent being 15.

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:) So basically you shouldn't go to France, Estonia, the Faroe Islands, Croatia, Bulgaria, Austria, Albania, Hungary, Iceland, Liechenstein, Montenegro, Poland, Romania......... Make sure you give Italy a miss as well "The age of consent in Italy is 14 years, with a close-in-age exception that allows those aged 13 to engage in sexual activity with partners who are less than 3 years older".....

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