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Selfliquidatingoffer com

This is a very low shipping price for such a heavy item to ship and it’s low in general from the usual .95 and up shipping prices usually seen on supplement bottles.We’ve done some shipping price split-testing at Creative Thirst on these type of free plus shipping offers before and it is difficult to make the numbers work at such a low shipping amount, plus from our tests it has not moved the needle enough to win over a higher shipping price.This is similar to the traditional bump add on and up sell strategy used in free plus shipping offers.

Just trust me :) (Otherwise what are people going to see after they register?

Now, there could be many reasons why this offer might work for Thrive.

Their take rates might be better than average, and/or their stick rates might be longer than the average 2-3 months.

The next step of the typical journey is to the order / cart page to capture the payment for the shipping but Thrive instead takes the prospect to a welcome overlay.

With a message that their Free jar of Coconut Oil is in the cart waiting for checkout rather than taking them direct to the cart.

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