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It is possible that archaeological evidence of these previous inhabitants has yet to be discovered.

Recent excavations at Aktha and Ramnagar, two sites very near to Varanasi, show them to be from 1800 BC, suggesting Varanasi started to be inhabited by that time too.

Search on internet, you will find many evidence from archeologiests.

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Here is the reference extract from wikipedia article on Banaras: The earliest known archaeological evidence suggests that settlement around Varanasi in the Ganga valley (the seat of Vedic religion and philosophy) began in the 11th or 12th century BC, placing it among the world's oldest continually inhabited cities.I have read the book and find its contents authoritative. Till now we have been told that prior to 1500 BC, Indiawas uncivilized and that the Aryans, who came from Central Asia, pushed the uncivilized inhabitants towards the south, who later came to be known as Dravidians.In church you will find candles, christ said God is light, the shape of candle's fire is the same shape of shivalingam, we call it jyotirlingam, jyoti means shape of fire. Guru nanak said Do you know that Tang Dynastry in South Eastern China worshipped God Shiva.Japan too worships Ganesha, Shiva, Yama and Saraswati.

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