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Punjab dating

When the practice led to instances of Indian girls getting married and deserted by the non-resident grooms and cases of immigration fraud, legal experts in both countries began to point out the hazards of entering into marital negotiations without a thorough background check.

However later generations of Punjabis who were born and brought up in the United States prefer marrying young Punjabi people already residing in the country.

An offshoot of this practice was the exploitation by the Punjabi-American groom and his family of the bride’s family residing in India.

Huge amounts of dowry would be demanded by the groom’s family and the bride’s family would be tempted to give in, lured by the tag of an ‘NRI son-in-law’.

However family approval continues to play an important role in permitting dating and marriage among young Punjabi people.

This family control is stronger in case of people who are involved in family-owned businesses and continue to reside in the family home.

Other than these there are cultural associations of Punjabis living in the US like the Punjabi-American Heritage Society, the Punjabi American Cultural Association or websites like which offer matrimonial services for its young people.

The primary advantage of such sites and associations is that they enable eligible Punjabi men and women from across the country to get in touch with each other, something which was beyond the scope of traditional system of match-making.

Among other places with strong Punjabi presence are Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Memphis, New Orleans as well as Houston, Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma City and Phoenix in mid-America.Dating by young people who have not yet graduated from high school is usually not encouraged by parents.The cultural exposure offered by educational and professional advancement has made it possible for many upwardly mobile young Punjabi people to seek out partners according to personal likes and preferences.The family continues to play a dominant role in arranging marriages among the Punjabi-American population even though the preferences of partners are now extensively consulted.Cultural events in the Punjabi community like festivals and ritual celebrations formed the traditional venue where families of prospective grooms and brides would be on the look-out for suitable candidates.

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