Ps3 trophy list not updating

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Ps3 trophy list not updating

No, it is not possible to delete trophies as soon as they have been uploaded to the Playstation Network (e.g.

If you are always online, it happens as you get them.) However, if you are not connected to the internet, there is one DRASTIC option, that also WILL DELETE ALL SAVEGAMES and all non-synched trophies, and that is to format your internal harddrive.

The required number of trophies increases per level, and the necessary amount as well as the actual value of each trophy has never been revealed to the public.

Within the Play Station 3's Xross Media Bar, under Game, a list of trophies available and obtained per game is displayed including a percentage of completion determining the percentage of trophies obtained from that particular game, including those unique to downloadable content (if that system was connected to the internet when that list was updated by the developer) whether that content was obtained or not.

If you've already synced by either viewing your profile or your trophies then I don't think you can delete them.

I wish you could though as I've seen the same thing for games I don't plan on buying.

Trophies work on a tier-based system; obtaining a trophy of higher tier contributes more to your level than a lower tier.

The really interesting aspects of trophies that we noted during our demo of firmware 2.40 are: a "level" system, which takes into account the number of Trophies you've earned and displays your progress via a percentage bar towards the next level; developers can customize the trophy achievement art to fit their games; and you earn a platinum trophy for unlocking every other Trophy in a game for ultimate bragging rights.

But, other than that, there is no way to delete a trophy one it hit PSN I've seen this as well for demos on PS3, specifically PSN games.

If you don't have it synced yet then yeah, they can be deleted.

Platinum trophies are awarded only to players who have acquired all other trophies in a game, thus signifying 100% completion; however, obtaining the platinum trophy does not require earning any trophies unique to downloadable content.

When acquired, a small platinum trophy symbol is added to the game's particular percentage completion list.

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First off: thank goodness they're not actually called "entitlements." No – Sony has gone simple with its in-game rewards / bragging rights system, settling on the concept of "Trophies" for rewarding players for their ... No beating around the bush – Sony's "Trophies" are Microsoft's "Achievements." Except that there's no Gamerscore point equivalent.

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