Men dating lebanon six year age difference dating

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Men dating lebanon

Since, 1970, Arab societies have allowed women to play a more active role socially and in the work force, basically as a result of the manpower shortage caused by heavy migration of men to Persion Gulf countries.Notwithstanding the persistence of traditional attitudes regarding the role of women, Lebanese women enjoy equal civil rights and attend institutions of higher education in large numbers (for example, women constituted 41 percent of the student body at the American University of Beirut in 1983).The Lebanese Women's Council (LWC), established in the 1950s, serves as an umbrella entity for more than 140 organization One of the very important characteristics of Lebanese politics is the excess of political parties competing for power and control.There are eighteen political parties in total in the country, but seven currently dominate the sphere.Lebanese women enjoy almost equal civil rights as men.However, due to the large number of officially recognized religions in Lebanon, Lebanese family matters are governed by at least 15 personal statute codes.These political parties are almost all men dominated, and the women that do head these parties are often only there because they are a part of one of the political families and have been put in place for power often because of a sudden death or lack of men left to run in the family.

Women gained the right to vote but with a limitation, they had to have an elementary education.Women gained the right to vote halfway into the 20th century, thirty years after American women suffragists gained the right in the United States.Though the women of Lebanon garnered their right to vote fairly early on, there is still a huge lack of them in Lebanon’s political sphere.In Muslim families, marriageable age can be as soon as the child reaches puberty and polygamy is allowed.Muslim women can legally marry Christian or Jewish men; for example a Lebanese Catholic man can marry a Muslim lady on the condition of getting their children baptised, otherwise, the couple may opt for civil marriage performed abroad, which can be registered at any Lebanese Embassy, thus giving it official recognition (this is a particularly popular option, with Cyprus usually acting as the destination of choice).

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There is an extreme lack of women in elected and appointed political positions.