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Coaches who use it love it and since I haven’t done any advertising for this program since August, word of mouth alone makes it our best seller for January.

Note: I can’t really make a distinction between #3 and #1 so I’m posting them in alphabetical order.

The other has a few 60m straight aways (I’ll call Hallway B).

The location of our practices are as follows: Monday: Hallway A Tuesday: Hallway B, weight room Wednesday: Practice at indoor facility Thursday: Hallway B, weight room Friday: Hallways A or B depending on the week Saturday: Practice at indoor facility I’m curious as to how you would arrange the neural, extensive, and general days with these restrictions and your rationale as to why.

We will have access to the indoor track (160 yards) two times per week.

We will be able to hurdle and use all field event areas as well. One has 30m straightaways and access to stairs (I’ll call Hallway A).

If they have the majority of the weight on the front foot, they shouldn’t rock back.

I ask them to envision pushing a car out of the snow or the mud.

Do you have any tips or cues to improve their standing start to help them both with the wicket drill and their race starts?Also, people think these videos are funny and generally agree with me about the people and situations who need to be fired. #3: Complete 100m Training by Marc Mangiacotti (Harvard University) Why it ranked: Because everybody loves the 100m and every quality coach knows the faster you can run the 100m, the faster (generally speaking) you’ll be able to run the other sprint events.And if you can’t develop your 100m sprinters, I’m not sure you can call yourself a sprints coach.Thanks for all you do for novice coaches like myself!Answer from Boo: To be clear to everyone this is not ideal, but I would have Neural days on Tuesday and Friday, Extensive days on Wednesday and Saturday, and General days on Monday and Thursday. Friday access to the weight room rather than Thursday would be ideal.

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