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Lauren london dating spectacular

Subconsciously, I believed our relationship was impervious to failure (spoiler alert: HAHAHA), so when I went to a party without Lauren and met a girl I was attracted to (let's call her Tori), my brain leapt into action. So I'm Gchatting with Tori casually for the next couple of weeks. I knew she was open to it, but I didn’t think I’d get the green light, especially because she'd barely heard of this woman, let alone met her. It probably didn’t hurt that my girlfriend was attractive.

And it was non-sexual for 99% of it, but in that 1%, I did ask Tori if she’d ever been in a threesome. Just some making out with another girl with a guy there. But she warmed up to the idea once I showed her photos of Tori and talked about how great she was. We weren't going to have sex with any girl, it was our new pal Tori! After pitching the threesome idea to Tori despite only knowing her a few weeks, she said she was down too. I don’t think Tori said yes because she wanted to fuck me.

All I wanted was for them to blow me at the same time.Let’s be real: “dick is abundant and low value.” But this was going to happen! We were going to do this 95% sober, so it wasn’t going to be a drunken orgy, and I’m a planner by nature anyways.And because I figured I might as well press my luck some more, I said we should do it two consecutive nights. Like Drake, we were going "Back to Back." I felt like I’d bought a winning lotto ticket where the jackpot is having two women s your d at the same time. But in future relationships, I subconsciously assumed that most of my sexual fantasies would be fulfilled soon after I asked for them. I genuinely considered starting a spreadsheet called Threeway with everything I wanted to do in our time together.They said that to have me watch would make them too uncomfortable. Eventually they undressed each other, and then after another eternity, they let me take my clothes off.I read After what seemed like an hour, but was probably two minutes and thirty seconds, they invited me in. They were calling the shots, and I was not going to argue with them.

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