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The company also said it would become the first turkey producer in North America to employ mandatory video monitoring and veterinary review of all turkey euthanasia.

Mercy for Animals said national standards across the county need to be tightened to include immediate veterinary care for sick or injured birds.

The video was shot at a Hybrid plant in Bright, Ont., by a member of the animal rights group, Mercy for Animals Canada.

Footage also shows workers apparently crushing the spines of birds while others are left to die from festering and bloody wounds.

"This investigation graphically illustrates that the hidden price of Canadian turkey meat is horrific animal abuse," said Twyla Francois, a spokeswoman for Mercy For Animals.

"This is blatant animal cruelty that shouldn't be supported in a civilized society." In anticipation of the video's release, Hybrid said last week that it had taken immediate steps to ensure the ethical treatment of its turkeys.

I think if they're going to make the commitment to build it, it should be from Toronto to Windsor." A number of NDP MPPs from London, Windsor, Essex, Niagara and Kitchener-Waterloo issued a joint statement Friday afternoon saying the promise of high-speed rail may just be "another hollow election promise." "Premier Wynne may make promises when it comes to our transportation infrastructure, but is always light on action," the statement said.

It's estimated the train would take 73 minutes to get from London to Union Station in Toronto.

"It's exactly what our economy needs." The project would use a combination of existing track and new rail lines dedicated to the high-speed train, officials told CBC News.

It would include stops in Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, London and Chatham, and connect to Toronto Pearson International Airport.

"I think the province recognizes that, if we're going to compete in a global economy, investing in this kind of infrastructure – long overdue in Canada – is an important part of where we need to go." Having a stop in Guelph "would unlock extraordinary opportunities for our local economy and quality of life," Mayor Cam Guthrie said.

And it would "revolutionize" the way residents travel to Toronto, London and Windsor.

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TORONTO -- Disturbing video showing employees of one of the world's leading turkey producers clubbing, kicking and otherwise abusing the hapless birds is evidence of a culture of cruelty and neglect at the factory farm, an animal-rights group said Friday.