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When I used it for the first time I could not believe how great it worked! So if you are ready to bump your kissing enjoyment up a notch or two, then pick one up for yourself and surprise your husband with his own today.Then as a special treat, hop on over to Wendy’s post, Guess The Flavor which is full of lip-smacking kissing fun.

Online, I’d decided not to update my profile photos (the debate with my girlfriends as to whether this is deceptive or not still rages to this day), although clearly the issue was still on my mind. On my first post-brace date with a dreamy artist named David, I spent the whole hour (yes, it only lasted that long) elaborately trying to avoid showing my teeth at all costs and generally unable to accept that my mouth was still attached to my face. Me: *incoherent muffled response* David: Errr so, do you want to get something to eat? But no matter how prepared I try to be, nothing can protect a girl from a stray spinach leaf.

I had never seen one before in my life and had no clue what it was! Here’s a second clue then of the more modern looking one I bought for myself. We all know how much more appealing it is to kiss (or even talk to) someone with nice, fresh breath. On a very happy note you’ll find that these tongue scrapers take just a second to use, are cheap and easy to buy.

Brushing and flossing is super important but according to studies, the decaying bacteria that collects on the of bad breath! The ones I got were at Target and came in a convenient pink and blue two-pack for about 2 bucks a scraper.

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Having now spent almost a year with my own less glamorous version of a grill, I’ve certainly had my fair share of ups and downs in the dating game.

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