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Intimidating shout wowwiki

The page has tables of useful mage gear and other important information on how to prepare before the raid and the Krosh page contains detailed mage tank strategies.

The mage tanking Krosh should have upwards of 12,000 HP when buffed, a good amount of spell hit, and a decent mana pool.

Maulgar surrounds himself with only the most powerful of his clan and leads these elite few into battle, commanding them to augment his tremendous fighting abilities with their potent magic.

With such powerful allies at his side and the rest of the Bladespire clan at his command, Maulgar has become the most dangerous ogre in all of Outland.

Moving him away from the Krosh-tank is important to keep him from knocking the Krosh-tank into Krosh's Blast Wave. An alternate strategy is to tank him with a feral druid, as they are also immune to the polymorph.

ALERT: As of patch 2.1.2, he can now death coil the felhounds. Typically attacks with ranged lightning bolts and Arcane Shocks and may be tanked by any ranged DPS class.This is an important detail for mana management so the mage need not be casting full-time until such time as the raid focuses on Krosh to down him.All mages taking on the task should study the BC mage stamina gear and the Krosh Firehand page.The tanking mage should gear for stamina until he reaches a minimum of 10500 health unbuffed (13k is better).Spell Hit is critical and the mage should be near the full 16% spell hit (202 rating) to minimize the chance of having Spellsteal resisted.

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