Hunter parrish dating amanda michalka

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Hunter parrish dating amanda michalka

A fan craze and a critical fetish, (favorite snack: “my mom’s Rice Krispies treats”), as a pot dealer who pays for his psychiatric sessions with wacky weed, his psychiatrist played by none other than Sir Ben Kingsley, whose head and gaze always indicate a perched eagle.

The love interest is played by Olivia Thirlby ( but probably not.

James Wolcott works out the Twittering, vote-Obama currents that connect the star posses under scrutiny, from the Gossip Girl gang to the kudzu-like progeny of Judd Apatow’s oeuvre. Only a half-decade ago it was, yet it seems like a cultural eon. I have too many shoes.” Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin?

Cover girls Amanda Seyfried, Emma Roberts, Blake Lively, and Kristen Stewart. View a portfolio of the August issue’s star posses and see their answers to our questionnaire (biggest crush? A young star, fresh from the produce section, could still venture out at night without fear of being pecked to pieces like Tippi Hedren in Founded the previous year, the Web site Gawker, that celebrity garbage-disposal unit, hadn’t yet left its snot mark on the culture; its best worst years lay ahead.

“I don’t even know who those people are.” What’s on your i Pod?

Nor had TMZ and its splattergun TV spin-off, where a bull pen of avid rookies lob chum at host Harvey Levin during the show (actual teaser: “Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey went to the Wal-Mart superstore yesterday … ) as they all sip from their stupid cups of whatever.

took a reading of Hollywood’s youthquake—featuring the likes of Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins, and Shia La Beouf—but the celebrity terrain has gotten rougher.

Nonetheless, the new kids seem more sure-footed amid the You Tube-Gawker-TMZ minefield. convened Hollywood’s most promising teen titans and twentysomethings to be polled and photographed for a glamorous yearbook spread in the magazine. I have shoes on my dresser and shoes on the floor, and I have shoes that my parents are holding on to for me. “I happen to be wearing Keds right now, but I’m a Nike girl.” Favorite lip gloss?

Hunter Parrish, for instance, is coyly evasive when asked whom he will vote for in the upcoming election—“I’m not going to tell you,” he says with the laughter of youth—while Leighton Meester dodges the question as if nervous the authorities might be listening: “I don’t know if I should talk about it.” Opting out, Penn Badgley sounds a worldly, weary note of disillusionment. We were raised in a time when we never had a leader who was a role model at all. Everybody that I know who can vote I say, ‘It’s gotta be Obama.’ ” Olivia Thirlby is so pro-Obama that she’s afraid of jinxing things by flapping her wings too hard (“But, I mean, I love Obama”). Zöe Kravitz, daughter of rocker Lenny Kravitz and former (style icon: Catherine Deneuve), is for Obama, and she’s not even eligible to vote.

Every president has gotten worse and worse—it doesn’t make you want to engage.” Also in the disgruntled category is Amber Heard, who states, “I have moral issues with just about everybody in office,” an attitude that’s not going to take her very far in Louisiana politics, should she decide to transplant there. Newly registered voter Emma Stone, who’s dying to make a movie with Diane Keaton, is another name checked in Obama’s favor. Summer Bishil was one of the few brave voices for Hillary (“She’s the woman that I think is awesome”), while the candidacy of John Mc Cain seems to have drawn complete blanks, goose eggs, zeros across the board.

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