Healthy college dating relationships

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Healthy college dating relationships

The college dating scene is often associated with quick hook ups at parties, temporary flings or even the scandalous “friends with benefits” arrangement.

Communicate clearly."Share your college experience with your partner."A great way to strengthen your bond while you're separated is to send photos of your new life," says Kirsch.

"These could be pictures of you and your college roommate, or your college campus. You can both cook and pretend it's as if you're actually having a date together.

Your partner will feel part of your life when you share your day-to-day happenings."Be open and honest."Honesty is important because this is somebody you love and feel strongly about, and you don't want to hurt your partner," says Catherine Birndorf, a women's mental health expert who co-authored .

Our busy schedules contributed to some of the worst rough patches in our relationship.

But once we realized how much we cared about and respected each other, we decided to make a stronger commitment to finding that time, especially by doing something new once in awhile, like an impromptu scenic drive.

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