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Clicking on the name of a variable will display descriptive information.If search terms are entered in the text box below, the list will be condensed to contain only matched variables.Default is to use the averaging flags for each variable that are set in the code via calls to subroutine addfld.Defaults: set in code via the addfld and add_default calls.The reference-time part of this string is specified by the to set the number of time units.A convenience option allows specifying that restart files be written at the end of each month or at the end of each year by using the options 'monthly' or 'yearly' respectively.

Changing this variable directly impacts the physical parameterizations in the model and may impact the climate.Filename specifiers give generic formats for the filenames with specific date and time components, file series number (0-5), and caseid, filled in when the files are created.The following strings are expanded when the filename is created: %c=caseid; %t=file series number (0-5); %y=year (normally 4 digits, more digits if needed); %m=month; %d=day; %s=seconds into current day; %%=% symbol.It is also possible to request that no restart files be written via the option 'none', or that restart files be written only at the end of the run via the option 'end'.Default: 'monthly' If TRUE, try to initialize data for all consituents by reading from the initial conditions dataset.