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Of course the majority of people that you encounter will be German, but not just from Leipzig, like you most will have travelled many miles to get to Leipzig.At the railway station (Hauptbahnhof) you will encounter a sea of black dressed people prior to the festival starting, making you feel at home and safe from the moment you arrive.No other festival seems to encapsulate this in the same way that WGT does.Eating outside the Agra is like eating at the United Nations, the languages and accents are from just about every corner of the planet and If you fail to enjoy yourself here, then you may as well give up and crawl into your coffin.Essentially 160 to 220 bands will play at about 24 venues across the city.

Its also worth noting that bands from all the corners of the world will play at the festival, however if you don't know any of the band or if watching bands is not your thing then don't worry you still have shopping, clubbing and some wonderful sightseeing that should keep you more than occupied.This website is an unofficial guide to the festival, it should help you get to Germany and Leipzig and help you get the most out of the festival The dates for WGT change from year to year as Whitsun (also known as Pentecost in the Christian calendar) occurs seven weeks (50 days) after Easter, however the date will always fall between the 10th May and the 13th June.It is also worth noting that the dates do not always coincide with Whitsun in the UK or other nations due to the way in which Eastern and Western Christian calendars are calculated.It’s quite hard to describe the feeling of the festival, it has a fabulous laid back atmosphere, and it’s not intimate like many of the UK festivals, although many of the venues are.I guess that's because there are so many ways to experience the festival that everybody will find some way to enjoy themselves.

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You can always bank on public transport being slower than you thought and more packed.

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