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The last 1/3 sits on my desk, I indulge in 2 pages per day, I don't want to finish it because how else will I *know* about Bombay??

This book is aptly titled because everything about Bombay/Mumbai does indeed sound "maximum." Twenty-three million people in a space that should accommodate more like 10 million.

Its official name is now Mumbai, but, as the author points out, the city has always had "multiple aliases, as do gangsters and whores." Mehta, who lived there as a child, has a penchant for the city's most "morally compromised" inhabitants: the young Hindu mafiosi who calmly recollect burning Muslims alive during riots twelve years ago; the crooked policeman who stages "encounter killings" of hoods whose usefulness has expired; the bar girl, adorned with garlands of rupees, whose arms are scarred from suicide attempts.

Generally I do not post this kind of advertisement, but somehow I came across with this site and planned to post one. A talented boy from the hinterlands who is happy to sleep in the street and starve so he can follow his bliss writing poetry.These are people living on the edge, right to the max of whatever situation they find themselves in. Suketu Mehta is a native of Bombay who is now living in New York City.People living in extreme poverty, sleeping on the city's footpaths and bathing near an open sewer.Police shooting suspected criminals on sight, in what are euphemistically called "encounters." Commuters falling off the morning train because they are, literally, hanging onto the outside of the car by their fingers and toes.

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