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Facetime sex chat paypall

Unfortunately, when wait list customers are contacted, generally fewer than 10% respond to say they want or do not want a fish, and I cannot sell the fish until I have heard back from the wait list customers.So when a fish becomes available, I will say so on the Home Page, and when it temporarily becomes unavailable, I will make the change on the home page.So with a Fry Deal of 6 fish, for example, you are sent the 6 fish plus two extras, so you will receive 8 fish, unless stated otherwise.Extras are NOT sent with orders of a single fish, or with an order of sexed plecos (As they are too large, increase shipping cost and numbers are limited).Bookmark this page to freely watch every PUSSY webcam show on Chaturbate – LIVE – as it happens.

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Shipping- I keep in close touch with all customers throughout the ordering and shipping process, and use USPS Overnight Express Mail exclusively for the live fish. Rates vary by distance from Denver, combined with the weight of the box.

When an order is made I must estimate the shipping cost- if I ever overestimate on an order by more than I will refund the difference so that no one is ever overcharged for shipping. Overnight Express Mail for 2 pair of young fish or 6 fry, shipped within the continental U. Rates gradually increase as the weight of the box increases. prior to being shipped, and are sent in a carefully packed styrofoam box.

For overnight delivery the losses are well below 1%.

Wait Lists: This past year sales have kept pace with my ability to breed what is offered, so what is available changed often over the course of the year.

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