Dhcp table not updating ip assignments dating of mahabharata and ramayana

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Dhcp table not updating ip assignments

Cause: A client is requesting a specific IP address or seeking to extend a lease on its current IP address.

The DHCP server cannot find the DHCP network table for that address.

However, you might also have deleted the client's record while the client was still using the IP address.Solution: Use DHCP Manager or the command to examine the network table on this server and any other DHCP servers on the network. You can also do nothing and allow the lease to expire.The client automatically requests a new address lease.If the client ID is not bound, edit the address properties to add the client ID.Cause: The specified client has not been registered in the DHCP network table with this address, so the request is ignored by this DHCP server.

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Solution: Use DHCP Manager or the Cause: The server made an IP address offer to the client, but the client took too long to respond and the offer expired.