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Cham Albanian is spoken in North-western Greece, while Arvanitika is spoken by the Arvanites in southern Greece.

In addition Arbëresh is spoken by the Arbëreshë people, descendants of 15th and 16th century migrants who settled in southeastern Italy, in small communities in the regions of Sicily and Calabria.

In addition to the recent emigrants, there are older diasporic communities around the world.

Albanian is also spoken by Albanian diaspora communities residing in Australia and New Zealand.

Tosk is divided into five sub-dialects in Labërisht, Çam, Arvanitika, and Arbëresh.

Tosk is spoken in southern Albania, southwestern Macedonia and northern and southern Greece.

Approximately 1.3 million people of Albanian ancestry live in Turkey, and more than 500,000 recognizing their ancestry, language and culture.

In addition to the dynasty that he established, a large part of the former Egyptian and Sudanese aristocracy was of Albanian origin.It is spoken in the eastern area of the United States in cities like New York City, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Ohio and Detroit.Greater New Orleans has a large Arbëresh community.Gheg is divided into four sub-dialects, in Northwest Gheg, Northeast Gheg, Central Gheg, and Southern Gheg.It is primarily spoken northern Albania and throughout Montenegro, Kosovo and northwestern Macedonia.

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One fairly divergent dialect is the Upper Reka dialect, which is however classified as Central Gheg.

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