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Marduk neared Saturn and Jupiter, and their massive gravitational pulls bent his orbit drastically inward, forcing his path to be aimed directly at Tiamat.The gravitational pulls of the two giants caused seven chunks of Marduk to be pulled from his body; they became satellites to encircle Marduk.In effect, Tiamats satellite, Kingu, had taken on the aspect of a new planet.

This is like Incredible Shrinking Man, except that the ray gun that zapped the character was set on "Grow" instead of "Shrink".

The purpose of this Time Line Of Events Associated With The Anunnaki is to compare accepted archaeological and anthropological information with the legends of the Anunnaki, as Mr. This is the most commonly accepted date for the creation of the Earth.

Sitchin questioned in the Foreward to his book, "But is it possible that Mankind has come out of the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages; reached the Age of Enlightenment; experienced the Industrial Revolution; and entered the era of high-tech, genetic engineering, and space flight - only to catch up with ancient knowledge? The oldest rocks on Earth, zircon crystals, have been dated to 4,200 million years.

In the beginning there existed the Sun (Apsu), encircled by the planet Tiamat, and the planet Mercury (Mummu).

Then, between Tiamat and Mercury, came into being the planets, Mars (Lahmu) and Venus (Lahamu).

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Now the protagonists have a huge problem to deal with.

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