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Dating paraguay

As José Tomás Sánchez, a former minister under Lugo, put it to me: "The real threat that Lugo posed to the Paraguayan oligarchy was not socialism but simply better democracy".

Anti-democratic regression has now been validated via the ever-handy staging of elections - "staging" being the operative word in light of rampant reports of vote-buying.

He says he didn't even try to determine who killed 11 farm workers who also died when the bullets started flying. to formally charge 10 peasants who survived the fusillade with attempted homicide, and punish them with up to 25 years in prison.

Neoliberal ecstasy The first beneficiary of the Curuguaty massacre was Federico Franco, who ascended to the presidency as Lugo's replacement.

Any changes made to one of your tickets will not necessarily afford rights to change the other ticket.

Franco's neoliberal ecstasy turned to momentary ire when I asked if he detected any similarities between the 2009 coup d'état against Manuel Zelaya in Honduras and last year's events in Paraguay.Several protesters, politicians and journalists, as well as police, were reported injured, including one lower-house deputy who had to undergo surgery after being injured by rubber bullets.On 17 April, President Cartes announced that he was resigning from any possible candidacy for a second presidential term.The ultimate effect of the 2012 coup - the very occurrence of which has been effectively purged from history - is a constriction of the political spectrum that impedes an amelioration of the circumstances of the non-elite majority.In other words, the "new direction" Cartes has promised for Paraguay is hardly new at all.

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On 26 April, the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay rejected the proposed constitutional amendment for presidential re-election.

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