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It also gave them an exponential social and economic advantage.

They report being ushered into nightclubs and concerts and, according to one 20-something American man living in Bangalore, receive a lot of positive attention on dating apps like Tinder. I interviewed a British man in his 60s who was the headmaster at an elite south Indian private school.

I always see that the business is increasing when I’ve been there.

Whether one is studying the role of entrepreneurs in increasing growth or trying to understand labour market dynamics, factors like race, ethnicity, gender and so on should be accounted for.

During a speech to parents, he explained that he was happy to relocate to India because one of his great-grandparents was actually Indian.

His employers were unhappy that he’d mentioned this Indian heritage.

The Congolese gentleman had been living in India for about a decade.

He had recently lost his job and been evicted from his apartment.

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On the same day I interviewed a white Dutch man living in Gurugram, just south of New Delhi, I spoke with a black Congolese migrant.

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