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Dating an hiv positive woman

I’ve found some really cool people both from real life and on Tinder, and I’ve attempted to find a heterosexual man who’s also HIV-positive on and through Facebook.I’ve met some really great guys this way, but it turns out the dating pool for HIV-positive men who are interested in women is spread thin and wide. I even dated a girl for a little bit, and although I’m more attracted to men, I’m not ruling that out for my future. I’ve had relationships where HIV wasn’t a huge deal at all, and others where it was the major reason for break up.I’ve probably been on dates and disclosed my status to over 100 people in the last five years (#noshame).I disclose face to face with 95 percent of my suitors and I’ve had a wide variety of responses; good, bad, and strange.I was 24 years old after my break up and I wasn’t even close to my sexual peak yet, and nothing was going to stop me from feeling like a sexy pop princess.I decided early on that I don’t care what society thinks of me having HIV.Most HI-negative heterosexual men are extremely uneducated about what it really means to be HIV positive these days. I have to go through an education process with every single guy, and I’ve developed an arsenal of links to articles to send out the day after a good first date.It’s exhausting to constantly have to convince people that I am not at all contagious, I am not going to die young, and I can have a normal life and have babies if I want to.

We answer some of your most pressing relationship questions, from dating to marriage to babies.Through all of the dating blunders and painful break ups, I remain positive and optimistic.I go into every first date being excited to get to know the human in front of me, feeling hopeful that perhaps this one will be a good fit.I was angry and devastated, but the fact is that I didn’t demand to get tested together before he and I stopped using condoms, even though I knew better.I took my personal responsibility and tried to make the relationship work for a while.

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I’ve done massive work to build my self-esteem in the face of so much rejection.

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