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First is Sir William Withey Gull, the royal physician.Many have accused him of helping get rid of the prostitutes' bodies, while others claim he was the Ripper himself.It's one of the key things that makes me think London law enforcement had it right.'The killer's also both chose similar victims and both targetted women.

However the extracts are widely believed to be forged.

The 60-room boarding house was a murder trap – having been constructed to allow the proprietor easy access to his victims who he skinned and dissected before dissolving their body parts in acid.

He was an intelligent, articulate man and a qualified chemist who graduated with a medical degree from the University of Michigan in 1884.

I don't know why they stopped, it could have been money.' Mr Mudgett has submitted handwriting samples from both Holmes and Jack the Ripper for review and experts have confirmed the likelihood they could be the same people.

He also believes that the way the killers butchered their victims, and Ripper's renowned medical knowledge, shows a similarity between the two.

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Four years later Jack the Ripper claimed his first victim in Whitechapel, London.

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