Chat to slags free no charge

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Chat to slags free no charge

Bloody - One of the most useful swear words in English. It is also used to emphasise almost anything, "you're bloody mad", "not bloody likely" and can also be used in the middle of other words to emphasise them. Blow me - When an English colleague of mine exclaimed "Blow Me" in front of a large American audience, he brought the house down. Chat up - To chat someone up is to try and pick them up.

It is simply an exclamation of surprise, short for "Blow me down", meaning something like I am so surprised you could knock me over just by blowing. If you spotted a scrummy girly in a bar you might try to chat her up. Cheeky - "Eee you cheeky monkey" was what my mother said to me all the time when I was a kid.

The big mound is in the flat, far north of France, a short ride from the Channel ports and the Belgian border in a former coal-producing region with dreary weather long shunned even by French tourists.

"It's really a unique sort of ski run in Europe.

It's part of the "challenge of restructuring" after the last coal pits closed in 1968 and left this onetime cradle of Europe's Industrial Revolution in dismal shape.

Sometimes we would get caught and some old bloke would come out and shout "oi clear off you lot". Cobblers - I have heard people say "what a load of cobblers" more than once. Derived from the cockney rhyming slang where Cobblers Awls = Balls! These are basically rhyming words like "butchers hook" which means "look".

It has a beginners, an intermediate and an advanced slope with a full 21 moguls, or bumps.

Over the years, it has added two drag lifts, three ski jumps, a half-pipe for snowboarders and courses with nationally accredited ski instructors.

They are kept slippery by misting machines, a system quite different from the bristly matting used on "dry slopes" that have since cropped up in many countries.

Loisinord's white slopes are "basically just a plastic carpet, a flexible structure which isn't abrasive," said Delos.

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Belt up - For some reason I heard this quite a lot as a kid. Bender - I used to go out on a bender quite frequently when I was at university. Bite your arm off - This is not aggressive behaviour that a football fan might engage in. We say it when we see the price of insurance in the US, you could try saying it when you see how much jeans orpetrol cost over here! They both mean that the work done was not of a high standard or was a clumsy patch. Box your ears - Many young chaps heard their dads threaten to box their ears when I was a littlun. Bugger - This is another fairly unique word with no real American equivalent.