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Scuttle is a PHP/My SQL-based social bookmark system.

Got my graphics all constructed; set my boilerplate "about us", "privacy" etc. You will probably want a module for Groups, Classifieds, Video, etc. The only problem is that these modules cost from anywhere from - each; they are made by third parties; and most are single-site licenses only. But overall, expect to be spending a bunch of money.) By the time you add up the cost of all the stuff (that's needed or worthwhile), you will easily hit 0 or more.

PHPizabi PHPizabi is another social networking script that charges a fee to remove their branding.

Fortunately, there are good platforms to do just that.What's more, with the latest open source software, smaller sites can be built in a matter of days or weeks.Here are 10 open source software platforms on which to carve out your niche.Elgg Elgg was developed with the educational industry in mind, but can be customized for any use.Many universities throughout the world have adapted the social software to fit their needs.

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Drupal with Vote up/down module Most know Drupal as one of the more popular open source content management systems available.