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Bay areasex dating groups

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Demand the strip club management allow the dancers to form a union and thus negotiate to abolish discriminatory policies and create better working conditions, such as a pay rise, a guarantee for sick leaves, and a prohibition on one-way windows and cameras. “Sex worker collective organization: Between advocacy group and labour union?

The reason why this campaign is given 5 out 6 points of success is because the dancers didn't get all their specific demands met, but they managed to achieve most of the goals – including forming a union, abolishing discriminatory policies, and creating better working conditions. Opened since 1976, this North Beach club featured exotic dancers “Lusties” in a peep show on a stage and in individual booths. Sex Worker Union Organising: An International Study. ” Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, Vol.

I also posted my faves at the bottom of this page for your convienence.

But if you look you at this page below, you can see where all the pictures and descriptions are. (If you prefer you could just list the main event at various calendars.) Main Event Individual Events Note for the future: Don't bother listing the 'sex worker only events' Except on queer calendars, perhaps. But I think it's most effective to focus on the main event on the calendars, then go back and add individual events. Please call or email us at [email protected] you have questions.

This link has all the information you will be posting. I want to emphasize these because they are time consuming. Each calendar can have about 8 listings from us, so it could take a couple of hours to do each thoroughly..just do the main ones until you see how much time you want to put into this. 415-751-1659 Carol ***************** Again, here are the links to the material you will post. Descriptions of various lengths: Event Details Listed Separately Whole Fest Media Releases Images of the main event are below, here on this page. Schedule-Just FYI should be the right size.shrink them automatically if needed usually.

The idea here is you will be using the group email account to do all work, [email protected] JUST DRAG THEM TO YOUR DESKTOP AND POST FROM THERE.

Note that the individual events all have an image url underneath them.

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Blurbs, long and short descriptions of events and the festival as a whole are posted for you to draw from, along with pictures to download and post.