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Avoiding and accommodating

Do conflict management styles affect group decision making? Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student.The avoiding style is low in concern for self and is escapism to conflict.

Some researchers like (Blake & Mouton, 1964; Likert & Likert, 1976) have also criticized and suggested that successful conflict management needs specific styles to resolve conflict situations; for example, that the integrative or problem-solving style is most appropriate for managing all conflict.

This where both parties are ready to listen to each other and willing to climb down from their expectation and sacrifice to achieve peace.

However compared to Thomas and Kilmann model, Putnam and Wilson's (1982) divide the conflict management style model into three factors namely the non-confrontation (obliging), solution-oriented (integrating) and control (dominating).

‘Avoiding’ negotiators really don’t like negotiations! They try to avoid conflict by any means possible, maybe by passing the responsibility to another member of their team or just by staying quiet.

They tend to find negotiations intimidating and would be susceptible to threats, therefore ‘Avoiding’ negotiating types often would rather work behind the scenes. They are focussed and assertive in their communication and can become aggressive.

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Other researchers such as (Rahim & Bonoma, 1979; Thomas, 1992) have indicated that for conflicts to be managed most effectively, one style is more appropriate than the other, based on the kind of situation.

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