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This week, we are joined by Zach Nyhus, who was also “background voice #1” on last week’s episode.

Like last week’s guest Marc (who is our background voice this week), Zach is a recovering alcoholic and an atheist. Atheist & Agnostic AA (4A)is a new movement within the larger AA structure that recognizes that some people don’t want to have god be on their road to recovery. And finally, even though he asked us a question from the audience on our first episode, he never got to answer our five questions…until now!

Let's just say the atheist who waged it in one Minnesota town certainly won't try this one again." Co-anchor Heather Childers led into the segment by touting the "the town's reaction to the out-of-control political correctness." The correspondent quoted from the Christmas carol, "Away in a Manger," as he pointed out that "the manger, or nativity scene, symbolizes his birth — even in Wadena, Minnesota.

This will be another great opportunity to promote Atheist Voices of Minnesota and the Minnesota Atheists organization.

HEATHER CHILDERS: Hundreds of residents are now putting up their own nativities.

And Kelly Wright is here with the town's reaction to the out-of-control political correctness. [Fox News Graphic: "One Down, Hundreds Up: MN Town Responds To Nativity Removal; PC Backfire: Town Upset Over Nativity Removal"] KELLY WRIGHT: ' Out of control' — it might be, actually, in control.

Find non-prayer AA meetings for agnostic AA in the San Franscisco Bay Area here.

The AA agnostics, freethinkers and atheists groups share a common faith that suffering alcoholics can achieve sobriety through the proven without having to accept anyone else's beliefs or having to deny their own.

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[Fox News Graphic: "Religious Reaction: Town Erects Hundreds of Nativity Scenes; A Win For Christmas: Town Defies PC Culture, Promotes Christmas"] DANI SWORSKI, NATIVITY SCENE OWNER: I feel like they're just trying to — to bully our faith away.