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As well as providing commentary for Heartland Poker Tour, Ho has taken part in shows such as The Amazing Race and American Idol.In 2014, Ho hosted Europe’s largest stand-alone poker tournament.Gender equality has long been an important social issue especially in the workplace.While total equality hasn’t been yet achieved, there have been some significant changes in recent years.Selbst has earned her spot at the top not just because of her impressive million tournament earnings, but because of her influential presence in the world of poker which she has maintained throughout her wide-spanning career.

The charismatic player, who has over .6 million in live tournament earnings, has also become something of a TV personality in recent years.

However, a spitfire from Wisconsin has broken into the sport, providing inspiration for women everywhere.

About a decade ago, Patrick became the first women to ever win an Indy Race.

Irina Krush could potentially compete for this title. Krush attributes her success to certain characteristics males typically possess.

She has been a chess champion since the young age of 14 when she became the U. She feels like her development of these has helped her to be successful in this male dominated industry.

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In 2004, she became the World Series of Poker Champion.