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Andy dating maria roddick sharapova

Appearances on MTV and in magazines were commonplace in those early days.He halted the traffic in Times Square in 2003 as he appeared on the television show TRL and fans spilled over onto the street as he posed for photos outside the studios.When asked if Roddick would therefore be entitled to a share of the royalties, she declared that "if you listen to the songs you will realise that he is owed nothing".One of the songs on Wild Hope, 'Nothing That You Are', includes a line about a paramour she hopes will "burn in hell".A glamorous couple, they traversed the showbiz-sport divide, and the media loved them.But his souring success and her career commitments made their diaries harder to synchronise, and it is suggested Roddick's eye again began to rove.I only want to see him happy and to succeed in his dreams.

He appeared settled during his lengthy relationship with the beautiful actress and singer, Mandy Moore.

The saucy blondes had too much craft for their opponents, despite the fact Arrested Development funnyman Will, 45, had gone to the lengths of dressing head-to-toe in tennis gear, unlike the more casually dressed Chelsea Lately favourite.

I am dedicating this particular page to Andy's Love Life.

If Moore was an American sweetheart who had mainstream movie appearances on her CV, Hilton was the spoilt bitch who had 'starred' in a film of her own.

Roddick, as he has been since the split with Moore, has remained coy on their relationship, but when Hilton's phone was stolen, he was one of those 'outed' as being listed among her list of contacts.

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Despite the apparent animosity, the pair have recently been seen enjoying intimate dinners.

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