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But he might NOT struggle for that longso the alarm/extra waking approach might be worth trying — so long as you don’t think it will simply frustrate or upset him even more if it doesn’t work. What worked, what didn’t, what pointers can you offer to help the OP keep both her sanity and her little guy’s spirits up?Here at the IRC, one of our goals is to help you understand the products that are available to help you manage your incontinence and live an active life!Also, we have a doctors appointment later this month where I pray we won’t be shrugged off and told, “he’ll grow out of it.” Thank you for all your great advice, and commenters included. Sincerely, Wet in Washington DC NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD SMACKDOWN COMMENTERS TO COME TO THE AID OF OUR BRETHREN. Except to say that from what I DO know on the subject, it sounds like you are doing everything right, especially attitude-wise.It is absolutely not his fault, and really not that big of a deal — something like close to 10% of 8-year-olds (especially boys, and ESPECIALLY boys with a family history of bedwetting, because the delay does get passed along) have problems staying dry at night. Or perhaps a cheaper version of whatever you were looking at for 0?Because oh, my heart just broke reading about seeing shame in his eyes it’s okay, little dude! The tradeoff is that cloth pants will be bulkier than a disposable — especially if he’s a heavy wetter and requires an extra absorbent insert/pad.Plus you’ll need to buy enough pairs to allow for washing and drying time.So I’m with you on this one: Yes, it’s actually a normal, totally-not-his-fault thing, especially given the family history, but far from a lost cause, let’s-just-wait-and-do-nothing-but-diapers-every-night situation.

They are the easiest product to use for people who are bedridden, who cannot stand or who wear orthotics such as braces as they can be opened up flat to be put on and do not have to be pulled on and off over the braces or under the persons‘ bodyweight.Disposable diapers are just ONE of the many different types of products used for incontinence management.In other sections, we will cover the myriad other types of products used for incontinence management.I’ve looked in the archives and only saw this issue for toddlers.Formerly, both children were in Pull-ups every night at their mothers. After coming to our house, we implemented a reward chart for being dry, I bought some books, namely “Getting to Dry” and did a bazillion google searches.

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Two months later, the six year old is consistently dry and we’ve discontinued pull-ups for him.

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