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You’ve been watching German movies on the weekends and listening to German music while you drive and exercise.

Your listening and comprehension have gotten loads better, but now you want to practice speaking German, which is still much harder for you than reading and writing. Conversing with native speakers is one of the most important steps in acquiring a new language, and it can rapidly increase your rate of learning.

There are a number of awesome services out there that make it easy to find a German language partner.

The following list will show you how and where to find real people with whom you can speak German.

The site goes so far as to let you search for the type of chat software others are available on to make getting in contact with them even easier.Their service is designed to connect people around the globe for one-on-one language meetups via Skype.The design of the website is very basic and puts functionality before decor.It is another free service that connects language learners with each another, and is quite substantial with over 30,000 members.The usage of the site is straightforward: sign up, select source and target language, post an ad, browse for other members, meet and talk.

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Members offering German: Unknown The website with the name Sprach Duo, which means “language duo”, is a project by the European Student Forum in Munich.