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Elarbee accused Yancey of being on the series to promote "whaboom" (which turned out to be partly true)."We've hung out like three times," Yancey said of his former housemate. I think he should seek help." Viewers might recall a moment in which Yancey told Rachel Lindsay that Elarbee watched him sleep, while eating a banana over his bed.Footage of part of the Adelaide restaurant confrontation aired on the Seven Network's Today Tonight program in early June.

Get out of here, you don't know the first thing about being Muslim.' Sheikh Tawhidi has previously spoken out against halal-certified food being sold in Australia's major supermarkets, called for the closure of Islamic schools and backed the idea of temporary bans on Muslim migration."In reality, what person after meeting them after five minutes says, ' I'm in love'? If someone paid him to say "whaboom" while being intimate with him, "that would be fine." He added, "I don't think any girl would want to hear that and/or be turned on by that. Yancey describes Johnson as "a bully and just a bad guy. It sounds like he's been like that his whole life." Yancey does not think his fellow season 13 contestant Lee Garrett is as bad as some castoff says Garrett "never once showed any sort of racial type of things when I was around.From what I know about Lee, he was a solid dude with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder.A Muslim imam who campaigns against extremism and Sharia law claims death threats against him escalated after the ABC's Media Watch program described him as 'divisive and offensive'.Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi, a Shia imam from Adelaide, was lambasted by Media Watch host Paul Barry late last month.

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For taking these positions and endorsing One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, he has been subjected to criticism from the ABC, including in opinion pieces published on the national broadcaster's Religion and Ethics website.