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Most coverage of Zapad ignores the presence of a new player in Eastern Europe: China. Then-president Viktor Yanukovych went to China hoping to procure state-to-state loans in the wake of his rejection of an EU association agreement, a move welcomed by Moscow that triggered a political chain reaction leading to his ouster.Russia may be entertaining provocative action with the exercise, but anything Russia could do would undermine China’s economic interests in the region and, by extension, Russia’s relationship with its so-called strategic partner. Whether the loans would have kept him in power is unclear but they never materialized.To date, China supports a peaceful resolution that takes into account the interests of all sides, knowing full well that such a resolution is not a possibility for the foreseeable future.Ukraine as Transit Hub Plans to invest into Crimea fell apart quickly.Ukraine has eased the visa regime for Chinese businessmen, trade turnover grew 5.3 percent in 2016 reaching .51 billion, and the two countries have signaled interest in low-level security cooperation.Turnover is small for China, but brick and mortar projects will cement Chinese interest and capital flows into the country.Doing so would have been a tacit recognition of the annexation, infuriating Western partners and guaranteeing sour relations with Kyiv.

Putting aside the alarmist rhetoric of potential Russian aggression, much less attention is paid to the unintended consequences of Russian actions aimed at destabilizing Belarus, Ukraine, or other regional actors. Ukraine was originally China’s gateway into Europe when the Belt and Road Initiative was first articulated in 2013.Belarus as Launch Pad Belarus’ rising significance for China’s aims in Eastern Europe comes as a result of growing investment, targeted trade, and most importantly, transit of Chinese goods to Europe by rail.Increases in transit also concern the Baltic States looking to find new trade opportunities.Russia’s annexation of Crimea and military involvement in the Donbas put China’s foreign policy stance of non-interference in others’ domestic politics to the test. Their mutual trade was worth about 1.4 billion euros a day in 2016 and the two parties have been negotiating an agreement on investment since November 2013.There was no conceivable way that China could recognize the annexation at the time, opting to abstain from a vote in the United Nations (UN) discouraging the recognition of Crimea’s legal status.

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Ukraine expects to spend nearly $2 billion next year on road construction and is reportedly in talks with China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) to construct the nation’s first concrete highway connecting Odessa and Kherson.