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Yemeni singles dating

Damage to key logistical infrastructure, including bridges, airports and seaports, from air strikes has also severely hampered the movement of crucial humanitarian supplies. the doctors told us he needed intensive care and oxygen...We took him to every hospital we possibly could before he finally died.‘More singles than ever before’Yemeni sociologist Hind Nasser told The New Arab that there is a noticeable increase in the number of single young men and women as a result of the war."According to government statistics which date as far back as 2009, there were half a million Yemeni women unmarried under the age of 30.Although the country was already experiencing relative instability after the Houthis orchestrated a coup against the Hadi government in September 2014, the start of the Saudi operation came as a shock that completely wrecked civilian infrastructure.“I remember thinking it would only be a matter of time before I could get married. Then the war began and my plans changed completely,” Mohammed told The New Arab.“I saved ,000 which was enough for a modest wedding.But that money ended up flying out of my pockets as prices of basic necessities increased," he said, and so, affording a wedding "quickly became out of question." Hopes of finding love swiftly shattered in Yemen, as more and more young adults struggle to afford not only a wedding, but marriage itself.

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As well as relentless bombardment by coalition forces from the air, there is a battle being fought on the ground between rival factions.

On one side are the Huthis, an armed group whose members belong to a branch of Shi’a Islam known as Zayidism.

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