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there is still a small cemetary there for patients but its locked for the majority of the time. Rachel, De La Pole Hospital (now closed) was set in beautiful grounds on the edge of Cottingham/Willerby, not far from Hull. She says that the old people were looked after and happy there - they had trips out and christmas parties etc and the staff were friendly. id=449&hospital=de la pole&town=&searchdatabase.x=0&searchdatabase.y=0 Patient records will be considered private and covered by the 100 year rule but you might be able to get admission and discharge records Colinthe hospital itself was mostly demolished a few years ago. There were several ledgers recording admissions and discharges, I think theyre in the keeping of the local PCT, mayeb Humber Mental Health. I hope this helps Lizzie I have photos of the 3 or 4 remaining graves that are on the site, along with a memorial plaque which has now been placed there if anyone would like me to email them. Hi Lol, I'm a new member and have noticed your bit about the cemetary at De la Pole hospital in Beverley, are you able to confirm this cemetary is open to the public as I'm curretly researching my great grandad Richard Clark who may have been institutionalised in the late 1890's / early 1900's he was likeme a bridlington man originally. Lizzie I worked at de la Pole from 1996 just before it closed. When the page opens, click on 'search' then put de la pole hospital in the search box, and it brings up the list that I mentioned. I am using google chrome instead of internet explorer.Much of Hull is on reclaimed land at or below sea level.

Hello I'm trying to find out a bit more information about De la Pole Hospital, where my Great Grandmother died in 1963. Dear Rachel, Kingston upon Hull now has many records stored in one place, at the new Hull History Centre and it's possible that there may be some newspaper or other records concerning your great grandmother there but at the moment, I am unable to go there for you. The East Riding Lunatic Asylum was in Walkington in the Beverley Registration District. they have uncovered a number of gravestones which anyone has access to at the moment. The oldest part and which I have photos of is open to the public, there is a public footpath which cuts through it but like I said there is only 3 or 4 stones left now. Best wishes with your the back of the new unit on delapole grounds, they have been building and clearing the grounds. Regards Garry Trownheya I'm at work right now, when I get home I will def send you the pictures! The newest is at the back of the crem, which does have a lock on the gate.Lizzie Hello I'm trying to find out a bit more information about De la Pole Hospital, where my Great Grandmother died in 1963. I knew that she was institutionalised after the birth of her youngest daughter, sometime after 1920, but know very little about her let alone her time in this hospital.

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Then it became a non-metropolitan district of the new Humberside county.