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Over the nearly two years that women's bodies showed up along the banks of the Genesee River, and in creeks, gorges and remote wooded areas off country roads, Rochester residents reacted with mounting anxiety and horror.But once the police made the arrest this year, the attention turned to the bizarre person who had been terrorizing them. Shawcross, who confessed in 1972 to strangling an 8-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy in Watertown, and then served 15 years of a 25-year manslaughter sentence, was arrested here in January after confessing that he killed 11 women over 21 months.And speaking as his mother, Bessie, in a falsetto voice while reportedly hypnotized, Mr. Lewis, a New York University psychiatrist, elicited attention herself during her testimony this month because of her frazzled demeanor, her inability to answer in either a yes or a no, her lengthy digressions on Freud and her disheveled file of notes. He warned his wife, Rose, and mistress, Clara, of the killer on the loose.Shawcross suggested that she had seized control of him during each of the murders. "I can't chew gum and walk at the same time," she said during one search through her file while on the witness stand. And between attacks he visited Dunkin Donuts -- a gathering place for police officers -- to inquire about the investigation.Attorney General Schneiderman’s office also partnered with several financial institutions to help ensure the return of vehicles to consumers who were defrauded, the forgiveness of loans for consumers who were misled, and the payment to victims of proceeds from a Department of Motor Vehicles insurance bond.“A car is one of the biggest purchases many New Yorkers will make, and consumers should have confidence that they will not be misled by unscrupulous businesses that fail to uphold their legal obligations,” said Attorney General Schneiderman.

High school students on class trips arrive almost daily. "He punches with his mouth." The day after Halloween, the jurors all wore matching bow ties.“My office will aggressively pursue those who flout the law and abuse consumers in the marketplace.” An investigation by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Office found that Frontier Autohaus did not have clear titles to many of the cars it sold, and, in some cases, no title at all.Consumers who took out loans to buy cars from Frontier Autohaus discovered weeks later that the cars had liens against them because Frontier Autohaus had failed to pay off loan balances and titles were not transferred to consumers. 30— Ordinarily, Mary Colangelo, a retired legal secretary, indulges her fascination with the dark side through such mild television shows as "Murder, She Wrote" and "Perry Mason." But for the last 10 weeks she has savored the real thing, watching hour upon hour, day after day, the serial-murder trial of Arthur J.Shawcross, who says he killed 10 women in Monroe County, most of them prostitutes, by either strangling, suffocating or beating them, but who has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

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While maintaining a job, a marriage, an affair and a fishing hobby, Mr. In his confession he said he had killed one after she bit him, another for being too loud during intercourse, another for trying to steal his wallet and a fourth for calling him a "wimp." No Excuse, Prosecutors Say Prosecutors say Mr.

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