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Will consolidating my debt stop garnishment

Lenders generally only garnish wages after they’ve tried to collect using other approaches.

You’ll get plenty of mail (electronic and old-fashioned) informing you that you need to make payments.

Your loan might also be eligible for forgiveness if you’ve worked in public service for over 10 years.

In some cases, you’ve been confused with somebody else due to an error.

This would stop the garnishment and remove your negative past payment history.

Unfortunately at this time it would require you to make nine full payment on top of the garnishment. Starting in July 2014 the procedure will be modified and the calculation used to make an acceptable rehabilitation payment will change and let more people participate in the rehabilitation program. Department of Education Direct Loan Consolidation Center at 1-800-557-7392 and inquire.

To prevent your wages from being garnished, request a hearing with the Department of Education.

This gives you a chance to explain your side of things and postpones the start date of your garnishment.

It does not sound like these are private student loans since in North Carolina, a private student loan holder would be able to sue you for default but not garnish your wages.Bankruptcy: you recently filed for bankruptcy, or the loan was addressed by bankruptcy already.No default: you repaid the loan, you’re current on the loan, or you’re already in a repayment program with your loan servicer (and you’re current on those payments).ID theft: you did not take out the loan – somebody else used your name and Social Security Number fraudulently.If you can’t win a hearing, consolidating your student debt is another way to stop wage garnishment (or prevent it from happening in the first place).

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Another option is you might be able to still consolidate your student loans now and opt for the income based repayment payment that will be dependent on your income. This can stop a garnishment but you'd need to check to see if your situation would be eligible for this approach. Steve Steve Rhode WRAL Get Out of Debt Guy If you have a credit or debt question you'd like to ask about, how to get out of debt, just click here and ask away.